Four candidates discuss pressing issues in Washington and Alabama

Joseph Siegelman, son of ex-governor Don Siegelman, running for Attorney General

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Alabama voter ID law

Neuwien qualifies to run for Coffee County Sheriff

GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis jumps into race for Florida governor

Rich Hobson announces congressional run in Enterprise

Longtime Roy Moore ally Rich Hobson seeks Alabama congressional seat

Crowded fields line up for 2018 Alabama governor's race

Alabama counties told to tabulate write-in votes in Senate race

Roy Moore recount could cost $1 million, may not be allowed

Rural voters speak out on Election Tuesday

Attorney General says state didn't have time to preserve digital images of ballots

Geneva County voters approve constitutional amendment

Roy Moore refuses to concede Senate race, puts hopes on recount

Senate Special Election Results

Will write-in votes slow down counting the votes in Senate election?

In final-hour order, court rules that Alabama can destroy digital voting records after all

The day of decision in race for U.S. Senate

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