Slashing Your Budget

By: Cynthia Washington Email
By: Cynthia Washington Email

Do household products really deliver on what they promise?
Is there much of a difference between Pine Sol and the store brand?
And how you can save money by going with generic brands?
For some, grocery shopping is a necessary evil.
Add in ever-climbing prices and it can become a headache.
So how do you get the most bang for your buck?

We are starting off at Target to see if name brands are really worth the extra cents you pay now.
WRGX's Cyntha Washington bought a cereal, drink and a cleaning product and customers are going to try them out to see if they can find the difference between name brand and the generic and which one they prefer

Many of us like to start our day with breakfast.
So we wanted to know are Honey and Nut Toasted Oates really that different than Honey Nut Cherrios?
Honey and Nut Toasted Oates are $3.11, while Honey Nut Cherrios are $3.39.

You'll need something to wash that down, so why not get some apple juice.
But do you spend $2.49 on the name brand or $2.24 for the off brand?

Mow taste is important but most people want to Clorox wipes are $2.44.

Washington spent $7.71 for the generic products and $8.96 for the name brands that's a difference of a $1.25.

We had three volunteers to crunch, sip and wipe.
First, they tried the cereal.

If you lived by yourself and ate a box of cereal every week for a year and you get $176.28 for the real Cheerios and $161.72-cents for the generic.
To sum up, buying off-brand could save you about $15.
For a family of 4 they save close to $60.

Now, let's move on to the apple juice

Drinking a bottle of name-brand apple juice every week would cost you $129.48 a year.
The off-brand would cost you a little more than $116 a year.
That's a savings of $13 a year.
And a family of four could save just over $50.

Last but not least, our volunteers tried the disinfecting wipes

Buying one container off-brand wipes per month instead of name-brand ones will save you almost $6 a year.
If a family of four bought generic versions of those three products instead of the name brand ones, they could save up to $115 a year.
Each month, we'll try different products to see if name-brands stand up to all the hype, In "Slashing Your Budget".

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