Railroad track upgrades, maintenance to disrupt traffic in 3 southwest Georgia counties

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(WTVY) -- Railroad track upgrades and maintenance in Randolph, Calhoun and Early counties will result in state route detours this month.

New concrete panels will be installed in Randolph and Calhoun counties and track repairs will be made in Early County.

The dates, locations and detour routes in order of scheduled occurrence are as follows:

Oct. 13-15, SR 216, Randolph County. Northbound detour is SR 37 West into Clay County, U.S. 1/SR 27 North to SR 216. Southbound detour is U.S. 1/SR 27 South, SR 37 East to SR 216.

Oct. 16-18, SR 37, Calhoun County. Westbound detour is SR 45 South in Morgan, SR 216 North in Arlington to SR 37. Eastbound detour is SR 216 South in Edison, SR 45 North to SR 37.

Oct. 20-22, SR 62, Calhoun County. Eastbound detour is SR 45 into Morgan, SR 37 into Leary to SR 62. Westbound detour is SR 37 into Morgan, SR 45, SR 45 Alt in Arlington to SR 62.

Oct. 25, SR 370, Early County. Northbound detour is SR 38 East, SR 91 Alt North, SR 39 North, SR 273 West to SR 370. Southbound detour is SR 273 East, SR 39 South, SR 91 Alt South, SR 38 West to SR 370. This is a daylong detour, beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m.

Detour routes will be well-marked with signs. All dates are subject to change depending on weather and the rail company's schedule.