Medical marijuana dispensaries may soon pop up in Florida city

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LYNN HAVEN, FL -- (WTVY) While many local cities are putting temporary moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries, Lynn Haven commissioners unanimously approved to draft a law allowing them In the city.
"We basically had two choices based on Florida law, that is to ban them from the city limits, not to allow them at all or we could draft an ordinance or resolution to allow them in any part of town where a regular pharmacy is allowed."
Mayor Margo Anderson says many Lynn Haven residents are in favor of the dispensaries, similar to the statewide approval last year.
"Florida overwhelmingly with 71% voted to allow medical marijuana for these debilitating and painful diseases because people can find pain relief, many times those with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, it improves their appetite, it improves their overall quality of life."
"According to Mayor Anderson, the dispensaries will look just like another pharmacy, such as a Walgreens or a CVS."
"They really look like a high end pharmacy or even almost a jewelry store."
According to the Florida Department of Health, a patient must first seek treatment from a qualified physician and apply for a Compassionate Use Registry Identification Card.
"It takes about 60 days to get that. You have to have a doctor who has been approved to prescribe."
"My brother was 53 and he had lung cancer from Vietnam. He smoked it and it helped him. It helped him live a couple more years."
The closest dispensaries at this time are in Pensacola and Tallahassee.
The ordinance will be brought before the commission at the next meeting.
No word yet on if any dispensaries have plans to open up.