Local woman opening stables to horses being evacuated from Florida

COTTONDALE, Fl. (WTVY) With Irma impacting parts of Florida, people are being asked to evacuate. Many have livestock that need to go with them.

One woman in Cottondale Florida is opening her stables to horses.

Kitty’s Crossroad Trail Rides is open to anyone who needs a place for their horses.

Right now, they have around 40 but they are adding more fences to take in more that need help.

Kitty has rescued over 70 horses on her own so she says she’s always willing to help.

Last year during bad weather they housed 16 horses and she says because they have the space they want to do their part.

Jeffers Pet Supply in Dothan is bringing items down to help take care of the horses here.

They are asking for anyone who wants to volunteer to come out.

She says they also need fencing material because they keep adding new fences on the over 500 acres to accommodate the demand.

Kitty says, "I just thank god we have the space, without this facility, we wouldn’t be able to bring anyone in. All the fine details can be figured out later as far as everyone will go but as they come in we are getting them in a stall or a pasture."

The Jackson County Ag Center in Marianna, The Covington Center Arena in Andalusia, The Farm Center in Dothan, and The County Complex in New Brockton are all also open to livestock.