Fitness First - Great Beginner Moves

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) This is Dana Cody, I’m a personal trainer here at Xtreme Health and Fitness and today I want to talk to you guys about beginning a fitness program and some things you can do as a beginner.

With any of these options as a beginner, we need to know your medical history, and we need to know any type of condition you had before you start a program. Importantly, we don’t want you to get discouraged, we want to try to help you be consistent and we want to make sure you listen to your trainers or your instructors.

Now I’m going to tell you about 4 basic introductory moves that you might encounter when you start a beginner program.

First up is rowing. This is a great cardiovascular activity. It’s a low impact movement integrates your total body by engaging your core, your legs, your arms and your back.

The next move is a push-up. Hand on the side of the bench, you’re going to lower your chest and fully extend up. If that’s too difficult, you can put your knees on the ground, same thing, lower your chest to the bench and fully extend your arms. Any push-up is going to work your core, your chest and your triceps. When you progress from that, you can go onto the floor. You can do a push-up on your toes – this is our most traditional style. Lower your chest to the ground, and fully extend all the way back up. If this is too difficult also, you can use those knees again, put those on the ground, lower your chest, fully extend your arms.

The next movement is a step-up. This is a great alternative to a lunge especially for a beginner. You can do a step-up at any different height, holding a weight or not. You just step up like you’re going up a set of stairs, and back down to the ground.
The last movement that I’m going to talk about is a plank. You engage your core, you can hold yourself on your elbows, or your hands, just keep your body long and tall. Or you can be on your toes or your knees.

Those are our 4 basic moves for beginners. This is Dana Cody at Xtreme Health and Fitness. We hope this has been helpful, and we want you to always remember to keep fitness first.