Dothan district 2 commissioner election is next Tuesday

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) People in district two will pick a new Dothan commissioner Tuesday, September 19th.

Jemmie Watford or Janasky Fleming.

Both have similar ideas to grow downtown and it starts with the run down areas.

Watford says, "Homes that haven’t had any treatment in many years, I moved back from Atlanta and it all looked the same."

Fleming says, "I am finding that many houses are run down, and it is impacting their neighbors and their yards."

Watford is executive director of 360 Ministry Outreach, a program that provides mentors to middle school students.

He says, "I think I am the only one who has those relationships and has been going to commission meetings to make sure I am invested."

Fleming works at Northview High School, education is first on his mind.

He says, "Getting the kids acclimated, if they do not go to college, finding them a good job here that they can turn into a career."

Watford's sees it differently.

Watford says, "Am I an advocate for education, yes. But that isn’t a commissioners job."

Fleming says, "I am a man who values communication, to let people know what is going on."

On August 1st Fleming had 378 votes while Watford had 211.

Both know with their race being the only one on the ballot every vote in the runoff counts.