Despite rain chances, many enjoy Lake Eufaula on Labor Day

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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Despite a lot of clouds and the chance for rain, some people still headed to the lake for Labor Day.

For David Moseley, the fun is just beginning.

He says, "We like being able to get out and do different activities."

He's got his boat out on Lake Eufaula hoping to catch dinner.

That's something The Carters enjoy as well.

Connie Carter says, "Cooking for all the family, when we come up here"

For them, the weekend is ending but it's been one for the record books, filled with a lot of family.
Their family has been camping since last Tuesday.

Don Carter tells us, "We try to get together every holiday and get up here."

Tim Burtram is hoping to catch a few fish before the rain hits.
"Being outside you always have a chance for bad weather, so we decided to get out here early and as soon as we finish, we are going home for a bbq."

A perfect way to end a weekend full of activities, enjoying labor day on the lake, even without the sunshine.