800 FEMA trucks rolling out of Alabama towards Irma relief

Crews from FEMA and the Defense Logistics Agency direct transport trailers bearing water, food, generators and other commodities to their staging positions on the Maxwell Airforce Base. (Contributed photo/US Air Force Trey Ward)
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AL.com) — A convoy of Federal Emergency Management Agency trucks loaded with relief supplies started rolling out of Montgomery Tuesday, headed to Florida to assist victims of Hurricane Irma.

More than 800 FEMA tractor trailers will be leaving Maxwell Air Force Base in the coming days headed to Florida. Drivers in Montgomery were alerted this morning that the trucks could cause major delays as they left via Highway 31 South before making their way onto I-65 South.

The trucks have been staging at Maxwell since this weekend awaiting deployment to Florida and Georgia. The trucks contain supplies such as water, food, generators and cots.

As many as 5 million meals, 100,000 tarps, more than 2 million liters of water, 47,000 blankets and 19,000 cots were included in the supplies managed by a FEMA Incident Management Assistance Team deployed to Alabama.

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