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Wiregrass Cold Snap

Updated: 01/14/2009 - While most of the nation is experiencing bitter cold, Dothan and the rest of the deep south for the most part have been spared, but not for long...

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'Global Warming' - Where's the Science?

Posted: 01/13/2009 - “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Every time you exhale, you exhale air that has 4 percent carbon dioxide. To say that that’s a pollutant just boggles my mind. What used to be science has turned into a cult.” “I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect, for example, absorption and emission of visible and infrared radiation, and fluid flow,” he said in the statement. “Based on my experience, I am convinced that the current alarm over carbon dioxide is mistaken.”

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Al Gore is Feeling An Inconvenient Chill

Posted: 01/12/2009 - You have to wrap up well against this global warming. Global average temperatures hit a peak in 1998, but have been declining since. Now, to the further embarrassment of alarmists, Kerry Emanuel, professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, who first advanced the thesis of a connection between global warming and hurricanes, has rejected his own theory after further research. Bad luck for Al Gore, who used the image of a hurricane emerging from a smoke stack to promote his fantasy extravaganza An Inconvenient Truth.

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Global Warming and 'Cherry Picking'

Posted: 01/12/2009 - They cannot forecast correctly the Pacific for 60 days and we are forced to believe they can envision the weather in 100 years. My friends, the real fact is that when Europe suffers a heat wave they rush to point global warming and CO2 as a cause, but when the continent suffers a major cold snap is just natural variability.

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CNN's Lou Dobbs: "Global Warming is Almost a Religion..."

Posted: 01/12/2009 - From illegal immigration and trade to voter fraud, CNN’s Lou Dobbs is never shy about expressing his opinions. That rule held true when Dobbs brought up global warming on Jan. 5. The outspoken host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” observed that global warming activists treat their belief in global warming like a religion following a segment about the issue by CNN correspondent Ines Ferre. Dobbs also said that data is cherry-picked to make the case for global warming alarmism. Ferre alluded to the $175 “cow tax” that some farmers feel is a possibility and could increase their operating costs. Ferre said the Environment Protection Agency has denied it is considering a tax on livestock. However, Rick Krause, senior director of congressional relations for the American Farm Bureau, told the Business & Media Institute it is a possibility - especially based on the rhetoric of President-elect Barack Obama and the use of the EPA to combat global warming.

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Environmental Angst

Posted: 01/12/2009 - As environmentalism continues to grow in prominence, more and more of us are trying to live a “greener” lifestyle. But the more “eco-friendly” you try to become, the more likely you find yourself confused and frustrated by the green message.

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Wind Energy Supply Dips During Cold Snap

Posted: 01/12/2009 - Britain’s wind farms have stopped working during the cold snap due to lack of wind...At times of high demand in cold weather there is a tendency for there to be no wind...Renewables, such as wind, have a big part to play now and in the future but in order to guarantee a secure electricity supply it's clear we need a mix of power stations including cleaner coal, new nuclear and gas.

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Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age?

Updated: 01/13/2009 - The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science.

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'Global Warming' Politics

Posted: 01/12/2009 - My fearless forecast for 2009: Big amount of activity by Congress, with lots of ‘Cap&Trade’ bills to limit CO2 emissions. Waxman, Markey, and Pelosi in the House; Boxer, Lieberman, Bingeman, and maybe even McCain in the Senate. It will take off, but it won't fly...Now for the real action: Once legislation stalls, Carol Browner, the supreme ideologue and strategist, will go the regulatory route.

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Last Man on the Moon Rips Global Warming

Posted: 01/12/2009 - American astronaut Dr. Jack Schmitt - the last living man to walk on the moon - is the latest scientist to be added to the roster of more than 70 skeptics who will confront the subject of global warming at the second annual International Conference on Climate Change in New York City March 8-10, 2009.

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2008 Coldest Year Since 2000 and Clearly Not a Top Ten Warmest Year

Updated: 01/12/2009 - 2008 ranked 15th coldest of the thirty years of records for the University of Alabama MSU based lower tropospheric temperatures (right in the middle of the pack). It was the coldest year since 2000. It continues the downtrend of the last 7 years.

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January Snowcover Deepest Since 1967

Updated: 01/12/2009 - The snowcover for week 1 is now available from Rutgers Snow Lab. It is the highest level since the first year of the record 1967, a little ahead of 1985.

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