Former VP Gore Tries On 'Emperor's New Clothes'

By: CBS 8 News (from
By: CBS 8 News (from

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is awarding its first-ever Roger Revelle Prize to former Vice President Al Gore. Gore will be in La Jolla Friday evening to receive the award. The award will be given out during a dinner marking the 100th birthday of the institution’s late former director. UCSD said Gore was selected for his efforts to raise awareness of global warming.

(Icecap note:John Coleman’s station in San Diego KUSI covered the event live. But then the station ran John’s two and one-half minute report on the irony of the award since Revelle had changed his mind about CO2 before he died. See the live coverage of the event and John’s response in this text story and video here. It will be the topic of his ICCC talk this upcoming week.

Scripps receives significant funding - about $163,000,000 from sources such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, NOAA, Navy, DOD, many private institutions and individuals. Global warming is one of their primary efforts. They want to reward Gore for helping hype this theory which has benefited their bottom line. )

See the following to the station from Nuclear Scientist Dr. Michael Fox:

Dear Producer:

The award being made to Al Gore in San Diego is a horrendous science and policy tragedy for the following reasons:

1. His documentary features the “hockeystick” chart portraying the last 1000 years of global temperature, is now known to be fraudulent. The authors of Gore’s “hockeystick” for example, developed a computer algorithm which could produce a hockeystick chart from a table of random numbers!! That isn’t science.

2. Gore’s chart showing 500,000 years of a close relationship between global temps and CO2, and Gore’s implications that increases in CO2 causes the global temps to rise, is exactly backwards. The maxima in the temps occur centuries BEFORE the maxima in CO2. The temp. increases apparently drive the CO2 increases, not the reverse. There is also a plausible explanation for this too.

3. Gore ignores the fact that about 97% of the total greenhouse gas inventory in the atmosphere is water vapor. It is also a more powerful GHG than is CO2 (has more IR absorption bands). Gore never mentioned this.

4. Of the atmospheric CO2, according to the Dept of Energy, more than 95% of the CO2 is from natural sources, such as the oceans, volcanoes, decaying biomass, soils, insects, etc.

5. Gore’s documentary makes many other mistakes, some even noted by an English judge and others.

6. The media portrayal of the documentary as Truth is a national betrayal and disgrace.

7. The US educational system which requires millions of students to view the documentary is a near criminal use of the classroom to promote radical politics and the practice of junkscience.

8. There is a surprising lack of scientific evidence and the use of low standards of evidence involved here from the documentary, to the award, to the TV station’s coverage of these issues.

I thought you’d like to know.

Michael R. Fox Ph.D.
PhD in Physical Chemistry and a science analyst for the Grassroot Institute of Hawai

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