Video from Russian military focuses on cute and playful puppies

The Russian Armed Forces has unveiled its latest cutting-edge weapon in a New Year greetings video: cuddly puppies.



Hardest working MAN at the Hardee's Pro Classic

Chuck Hakansson is working overtime and burning the midnight oil to make sure all the players' rackets are in top notch shape.

Young girl volunteers to hang out with Pro Classic players

This year one young girl is dedicating her time to be around the pros at the Hardee's Pro Classic.

4Warn Weather Forecast

Your latest forecast from the 4Warn weather team.

One local Cottonwood man serves the community with a food drive

Its something one local Cotonwood man does every Thursday. He takes a trip to Dothan to make sure no one he knows goes hungry.


Sports Headlines

Posted: 04/17/2018 - The 18th Hardees Pro Classic runs April 15-22. Watch world class players compete for $80,000 in prizes at Westgate Tennis Center.

Posted: 04/18/2018 - Chipola College Athletics on April 17 hosted a signing ceremony for 12 student-athletes who signed with four-year colleges and universities.

Updated: 04/19/2018 - Westgate Tennis Center has an unsung hero behind the scenes keeping things together during the Hardee's Pro Classic.

Updated: 04/17/2018 - The U.S. Tennis Association holds a "Net Generation" Kids Tournament Tuesday.

Updated: 04/17/2018 - Former Pro Classic Champion, Mily Sequera gives back in "Net Generation" kids tournament.