Vegas Update

Republicans and Democrats come to an agreement over gun control in light of the Vegas Shooting.

Coca-Cola employee retires after half a century

Most people work a number of jobs in our lifetimes, but one local woman built her career in one place.

Enterprise looking at whether the recycling program is worth it

How much good are we doing and what does it cost? Thats the question Enterprise leaders are asking as they keep seeing their recycling program go downhill.

Wiregrass Hispanic community reacts to border control

"The separation of children from their parents, its an abomination," says a Dothan Hispanic community advocate.

Summer Solstice coinciding with hottest temps

The longest day of the year is almost here. The first day of astronomical summer is the longest day of the year for us in the northern half of the globe.

Powering Up with STEM camp makes a huge impact

STEM camps teach hard skills for future careers for all ages and one camp is doing that and much more.


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