Selected Community Events



Apr 25, 2013 Pre-game 4 PM Main Event Game 7 PM

Mailloechii Global, USA is scheduled to be hosting the 3rd annual World Famous And-1 Live Basketball Tour 2013 here in Dothan at Northview High School this coming Spring on Thursday, April, 25th with game time set to begin at 7pm. And-1 Live is a basketball team of the most elite street-ball players across the world who have been recruited to tour over 20 countries and all 50 United States every year; showcasing their unbelievable arsenal of extreme tricks and skills in the sport of basketball; from electrifying slam dunks, passing and dribbling the ball at the speed of light, and showcasing “magician-like” acts with the basketball; the tour has become both an iconic basketball brand and a globally recognized team of world class athletes. The tour is back with an exciting new roster of rising stars and young talent that features Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown reigning champion “Werm”; the world’s shortest professional dunker, “Gravity”, who is now featured in NBA star Lebron James Galaxy Note II (smart phone) commercial; and emerging talents “Silk” and “Pharmacist” respectively known for their ball handling skills and hilarious antics during game play. At this year’s game, people can expect to see new players in action, competitive half-time entertainment, and new And-1 merchandise available for purchase. Pre-game activities for students, and kids will take place from 4PM to 6PM; there will be an hour pre-game warm up and singing of the national anthem before the big game starting at 7PM. Spectators can expect to socialize, enjoy food from the concession stand, get competing players autographs and pictures, and enter a raffle to win FREE And-1 merchandise.
Advance tickets for the game will be at a discounted rate of $8 for students and $12 for adults. Tickets can be purchased by students at their local school office or at TT’s Fashion in Dothan. Call "Fred Nash" at 334.475.0855 for more event info.