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Landmark Park Blacksmithing Demo

Event Dates and Times

Landmark Park
Date or Time = August 12, 2017
Cost? = Free with paid gate admission ($4 for adults, $3 for kids, free for members)

Where does the name blacksmith come from?
It's not because they get dirty in the blacksmith shop! The surface of the metals they work with--Iron alloys--oxidize when heated and form a layer of black scale.

What makes a good blacksmith shop?
You need good light, it needs to be well ventilated, weatherproof, and have a dirt or concrete floor (nothing flammable)

How do you define blacksmithing?
Blacksmithing is the transformation of raw materials to finished products using heat and the repetitive motions of tapering, flattening, scrolling and texturing.
For more info go to www.landmarkparkdothan.com or call 334-794-3452