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Performing Arts Camp

Event Dates and Times

7/17/2017 - 7/21/2017
Cultural Arts Center
Date or Time = week of July 17-21 1:00-4:00 pm Mon-Fri
Cost? = $50 per child

We only have 4 slots open, lots of fun, learn to play an instrument, do a choreographed dance, and perform a comedy skit in a week!

This is an introductory camp to children ages 7-12 to learn a musical instrument based on age, learn a group choreographed dance, and learn to do a comedy skit complete with props and costuming, all to be performed at the end of the week before parents and friends. It gives you training in working as a group in the three art genres of instrumental music, dance, and theater. Students learn basic terminology related to each artistic form, and how to work together to perform their piece. Loads of fun for all involved and you get to be on stage!!!!

Register online at www.theculturalartscenter.org

There a performance for parents Friday at 4:00 at the Cultural Arts Center.
For more info contact www.theculturalartscenter.org