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Circle City Dramateers Summer Theatre Camp

Event Dates and Times

Featured Players Cabaret 3178 Hartford Highway Dothan, AL
Date or Time = June 12-16, June 26-30 and July 17-21
Cost? = $120 per camper

Camps are open to all children ages 4-18 with an interest in theatre. Camps are 9am-Noon . The camp show is noon on Fridays. This year we are doing the play, The Soap at Saint Ralph's. It is a comedy/melodrama.

What are the benefits in taking part in an acting camp?
There are many benefits. One is it gets kids used to talking in front of a group. This builds confidence. Another, it is a healthy way to express yourself. You also learn teamwork because you rely on your crew and your fellow cast members.

Did you write this play?
Yes, I grew up watching soap operas with my grandmother when I was home sick. Later on, when I was training in Massachusetts, I met several actors that were working on Soap Operas and they were very interesting people. I also know that a lot of actors we admire today, started out on soaps. I just think it will be fun to teach that exaggerated style of acting. There are a lot of comedic moments to explore both as a director and as a playwright.

What are the ages for your camps?
I'm taking 4 year olds to 18 year olds. I really like having several ages in one class. Older campers get the benefit of mentoring the younger ones. The younger students look up to the older ones. I am even allowing my private students who adults, to participate. I tell all adults that they will have to work really hard to out act the younger children. Adults have to remember what children do naturally.
For more information go to circlecitydramateers.webs.com and Circle City Dramateers on Facebook or call 334-701-5449