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Girl Scout Cookie Sale

Event Dates and Times

1/6/2017 - 3/5/2017
See your local Girl Scout
Date or Time = Dec 26- March 5
Cost? = $4

The cookie program is the nation’s largest girl-led business and the leading financial literacy program for girls
With Girl Scout Cookie Program earnings, girls fund important community projects in their community

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, girls develop the following essential skills:
o Goal setting
o Decision making
o Money management
o People skills
o Business ethics

NEW and EXCITING! The S’mores Cookie is a crispy graham cookie, double-dipped in a crème icing, & enrobed in a chocolaty coating.
Digital Cookie, a national digital platform that lets girls take cookie orders from customers online, through a unique transaction application, designed specifically for Girl Scouts.

Cookie Season is December 26 through March 5
Booth sales begin January 20 and last until March 5

There are nine varieties of cookies:
o NEW! S’mores
o Thanks-A-Lot®
o Trios (Gluten-Free Cookie, $5.00)
o Lemonades™
o Shortbread
o Thin Mints®
o Peanut Butter Patties®
o Caramel deLites®
o Peanut Butter Sandwich

Cookies sell for $4.00 per package

People will soon be able to find cookies in their area by visiting our website http://www.girlscoutssa.org/cookies
o Girl Scout Cookies can also be found using the Cookie Locator App for iPhone and Android

Customers can purchase cookies to be sent to military troops that are serving overseas as part of our Operation Cookie Share program.
National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is February 24 – 26
For more info go to www.girlscoutssa.org/cookies