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MaChis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama

Event Dates and Times

2:00 PM
MaChis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama Tribal Land
A tribal meeting for tribal members only Discussion: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Fiscal Year 2015 (October 1, 2014-September 30, 2014)
Roll Card Appointments and requirements for roll cards.
Housing Needs Assessment Survey
Pow Wow at Troy State University, Troy, Alabama

WILL BE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR ENERGY ASSITANCE ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: ELDERLY July 14, 2014, Disabled and families with small children 5 and younger July 21, 2014. All other low income homes will start on July 28, 2014. The distribution of air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, emergency generators will be done after August 15, 2014. To be eligible for the distribution of these items you must be served by the tribal liheap only for energy assistance. The time for all applications will be from 9:00 Am to 3:45 PM. Must be a tribal citizen living in Alabama, 150% below poverty level, provide proof of income for all household members regardless if a tribal member status, original bill from electric company, social security cards and roll cards for all household members, or have received assistance from another agency.
Nancy Carnley, Vice Chief,Telephone: (334)897- 3207 Fax: (334)897-3039