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Event Dates and Times

Cottonwood Dragway
2-Fast and 2-Furious Grudge Racing is coming to Cottonwood Dragway; just outside of Dothan, AL on Saturday, July 20th, 2013; (RACE WAS RESCHEDULED FROM ITS ORIGINAL DATE OF SATURDAY JULY 6TH; due to rain over the Independence Day Weekend Holiday) Major racing teams from all over Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, are expected to compete in this high-speed and "performance-enhanced" style of grudge racing. Racers can be seen "drifting", "performing burn outs", "high power engine rev-ups", and "popping wheely's" all before speeding down the drag way in high pursuit of hoping to be the final winning car.

Grudge Racing has been highly popular at several drag strips all over Alabama; however, Fast and Furious Grudge Racing opens up the track to include all classes of race cars and bikes; and any kind of traditional street cars. Spectators can expect to see the traditional racing cars that will include American Muscle cars and they can expect to see lighter weight Import "Tuner" cars manufactured mainly overseas. Fans of racing will see their favorite American cars: Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers, Challengers, and Impalas; race with the unexpected class of Import cars: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Honda, Toyota and more. Grudge racers will have an unlimited amount of runs "up and down" the track and will make for a highly competitive race with possibly up to $5,000 in cash at stake between all racers in all classes overall. Don't miss the experience of Fast and Furious Grudge Racing that you have seen in movie theaters and have heard about all across America. Saturday July 6th @ Cottonwood Dragway; the fastest cars and the most furious racers will be right here in the wiregrass. Fans are getting ready, getting set, and are ready to go!!

This is a public family event. Gates open at 12 noon and grudge racing begins at 3pm. General admission is $10 until 5pm; and $20 after 5pm; Kids 4 and under are free; and "racing entry only" (to grudge race all day; unlimited amount of runs) for all cars-racers is $30. This event will last approximately til 10pm OR as the grudge racers say,"Until the last car standing".

There will be inflatables for the kids, live music and performances, food (BBQ), cold drinks, and the ultimate car-bike show battle 2013 hosted by Charles Carter (entrepreneur and car-show celebrity and personality) ; all included inside of this massive grudge racing event. This event is promoted by the Mailloechii Boys: Fred Nash and Tyler McGowan; widely recognized-successful promoters and clothing designers from Enterprise, AL and the surrounding tri-state area. Charles Carter and the Mailloechii Boys are expecting over 2,000 attendees and are looking to have an even bigger show than the Biggest May-Day Ever 2013 they collectively hosted this past May at Cottonwood Dragway.

Sponsors, Vendors, Racers, and for more event info; please call " Fred Nash" at 334.475.0855 or send email to mailloechii@gmail.com with subject line "Grudge July 6th ".
Fred Nash
334 475 0855

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