Slocomb Teams Heading to Dixie Traditional Softball World Series

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The Slocomb Girls Softball All-Stars Team will be representing the State of Alabama in the Dixie Traditional Softball World Series.

A viewer shared with us this exciting news and explained that both the 9 through 10-year-olds and the 11 through 12-year-olds will be going to the tournament.

Both teams were offered the opportunity to swap up from X-Play to Traditional Softball to participate in the World Series.

9-10 girls will be playing in Petal, Mississippi and the 11-12 girls will be playing in Bluffton, South Carolina.

The World Series will begin 26 July. Both teams consist of 12 players and have been working hard between practices and fundraisers to prepare for the tournament.

The girls hope to bring back the winning trophy, represent the State and the area, and put Slocomb on the map.

Head Coach 9-10 Slocomb All-Stars: Jerry Ward
Assistant Coaches: Ryan Hales & Derrick Hodges

Head Coach 11-12 Slocomb All-Stars: Todd Flournoy Assistant Coaches: Lamar Myles & Craig Fondren

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