Troy hosts Football 101 event for women

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Step aside boys, today was all about the women. The Troy Athletics Department and Troy Athletics Women's League teamed up to host the first ever Troy Football 101 event.

Football loving females ages 12 and up got the chance to get the inside scoop on Trojan Football. Athletic Director John Hartwell and Head Coach Larry Blakeney took the floor to brief the group and throw in a few good laughs. Offensive and defensive coordinators followed suit, providing real-game play calling demonstrations with headsets on and all. Even some Troy football players made an appearance.

The ladies also toured hte facilities and took to the field, like a true Trojan, for a skills challenge.

"Well, you know, they get left out a lot hearing us talk about ball all the time, I know we have some great lady fans, and most of us that are coaching have wives, so we just wanted to do something," says Coach Blakeney, "We organized it and we had a good turn out and i'm excited about the day."

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