Troy Taps Anderson as Preferred Walk-On

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(DOTHAN)-- The first time Troy Head Basketball Coach, Phil Cunningham, called Jordan Anderson he accidentally hung up on him.

"I was waiting to play and had my head phones in," said Anderson.

"I called him right back and told him I was so sorry, I didn't mean to hang up on him. But he talked to me for a really long time about being a family and that's what really got me, was being a family," he said.

Currently, Anderson is still part of the Northside Methodist family. He is one of five seniors who will take the court this Thursday to play for a potential area title.

"This group of seniors is really special and I wasn't here last year but I know they had a tough season and I'm just hoping we can go out this season with a bang," said Anderson.

Last season the Knights finished 4-17. Anderson's contribution have certainly helped the team see improvement this year.

Anderson is currently averaging 16 points per game. At 6'3 Anderson is being recruited as a 3-point threat for the Trojans.

"Jeff Mullahey is going to graduate after this season so Coach Cunningham talked with me a lot about being a guy, like Mullahey, who can potentially be a 3-point shooting threat," said Anderson.

This season Anderson has buried 57 three-pointers for the Knights including two games where he hit seven three-pointers.

The recruited walk-on opportunity lends itself to a similar situation of former Houston Academy standout Alex Thompson.

Last week Thompson, a recruited walk-on at Auburn, made the most of his opportunities to earn a scholarship with the Tigers.

Anderson was familiar with Thompson's accomplishment.

"Hopefully it can turn out like Alex Thompson," said Anderson.

"He did a phenomenal job going up there, he put in the time he had to, went up there as a recruited walk-on, which again, he didn't have to...he had other schools that wanted to give him a scholarship but he put in the work, he put in the time, scored the points and got him a scholarship...I'd really like to see my situation kind of turnout like that," he said.

Anderson saw interest from a variety of schools from Faulkner University to Ivy League's like Yale and Harvard.

Anderson is sold on Troy not only because of their emphasis on being like a family but it provides an opportunity to be close to family.

"My Mom wasn't too happy on the idea of me going to upstate New York or somewhere far away to play ball," he said.

"Getting a chance to play 45 minutes from home for a team like Troy, knowing my role is the best thing for me," said Anderson.

Anderson and the Northside Methodist Knights will take the floor for senior night this Thursday at 7 PM against Crenshaw County.

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