Tigers Biggest Prankster?

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Phoenix, AZ- Football is can be practical, jokes are fun...so wouldn't football players be practical jokers? So i set to find out

"It's a great mixture of guys because they've all got good hearts and they can get a little out there sometimes" said Auburn Head coach Gene Chizik. "They can get a little outrageous but for the most part they all do well."

If Coach says they're there...we had to find the biggest pranksters on this Auburn Team, and you might as well start at the top.

"Are you one of the biggest pranksters on the team, or would that be someone else" I asked Cam Newton Friday. To which he responded "Prankster? No man, I'm serious all day but you just....you gotta get it."

So if Mr. Heisman is serious 24/7 who isn't?

Freshman tailback Mike Dyer seemed to think it was one of his fellow teammates in the backfield.

"We've got a lot of guys on this team that love to crack jokes Onterrio Mccaleb is one of those guys Eric Smith is one of those guys we've got a lot of people that are characters that are funny so we have fun with it."

Antoine Carter similarly, feels it's a fellow defensive lineman.

"Mike Goggans, he tricks coach Rocker, our defensive line coach he sounds like him actually"

"You've got Zach Etheridge who likes to play tricks on the coaches" Chizik said.

So maybe it's the Troy Native?

"I just came up with a video of the coaches doing Chippendales and it was pretty funny."" Etheridge said

"Oh you know every now and then we'll just have a moment where we'll just try to get a coach and show him the love of the team and how we can just all come together."