Tigers head coach, Sunny Golloway, gives his team an inspirational tale.

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The tigers have a new threat, head baseball coach, Sunny Golloway and he comes to auburn with more than just a plan.

Golloway looking to inspire his team by introducing inspirational stories and priceless techniques gained throughout his baseball career.

One of his favorites was aquired from late LSU assistant coach, Beetle Bailey. He uses a rope and asks who they would want to hold the end if falling from thousands of feet, to save their life?His players typically choose a specific teammate. But the moral of the activity was that you must trust each and every member of your team, not just a specific few.

His ingredients to his success speaks for itself, he appeared in 14 NCAA regionals, four super regionals and a college world series.

This season Golloway's plans for his boys is offensively to bunt, steal bases, and hit runs. Defensively to play hard and pitch with passion.

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