Dothan American Dixie Angels Ready for State Tournament

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Hit like a girl. Run like a girl. Throw like a girl.

"I kinda take it as a compliment," says Ashton White. "Because I personally think girls can throw better than boys."

"I think they're being a little too cocky," says Landrie Wiggins. "Because they haven't seen us play. And I think they better watch out."

These girls don't just walk the walk. They Talk the Talk.

"My nickname is USA."

"My nickname is Thunder."

"They call me bullet cause I'm fast."

"My nickname is mad dog."

"Unfortunately I am the grizzly. The grizzly bear."

Together, they are the Dothan American Dixie Angels. This weekend, they're playing for a state championship.

"It's like a little nervous cause our teams already been to state twice," admits Natalie Turner. We haven't beat it yet. We're really trying to beat it so I hope this is the year."

Head Coach Keith Turner is confident. "We've got great pitching, great defense. As long as we're hitting the ball we're gonna be hard to beat."

The Angel's bond goes beyond the bases.

"We're not just best friends on the field. We're best friends like everywhere. I just know I've made some of the greatest friends out here playing softball."

"Last year we were the younger team and we came in fourth so this time we're the older team and we're trying to make it easy to go to the world series."

"We set our minds to it and we put our heart in it. And I think we're not only physically prepared but we're mentally prepared."

Work hard, play hard.

"Like if we win this we would have a big big party and we'll celebrate probably the rest of the night."

"Absolutely, they'll get the party of a lifetime if we get through this!"

Dothan American faces North Jackson on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in Enterprise.

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