The Diamond Girl: Going for Gold in 2016

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(OZARK)-- Blink...and you might not see it. The hand speed of 10-time national champion boxer Sacred Downing is breath-taking. The 27-year old is currently training in Ozark with Olympic level trainer Kevin Greene.

Downing missed out on boxing history in 2012. She did not compete at the 2012 London Olympics, the first time women's boxing was recognized as a sport in Olympic history.

"I really was sad because I knew I was supposed to be there," said Downing.

"I knew I was supposed to win the gold," she added.

Downing's nicknamed "The Diamond Girl" and her decorations as a boxer sparkle. She's a four-time golden glove champion and six-time U.S. champion. Ten national championships in total and she says there are more to come.

"When I think about 2016, I think about Coach Greene and me on that podium, winning a gold medal. That's what comes to mind," said Downing.

Downing is starting fresh when it comes to coaching. She's familiar with Coach Greene and feels like he's the best fit for her style in preparing for the 2016 Olympics.

"Coach Greene has the total package. I know that he trains with his heart, I know he has love for a person, and I know he's going to take care of his fighter," said Downing.

Greene owns "Pound IV Pound Boxing & Fitness" in Ozark. He boxed in the Army for several years before getting into coaching. His certification as a level 4 (Olympic level) trainer, speaks for itself.

"There's a lot of certification and processing that goes into earning that title," said Greene.

He compares his style with that of a hard-nose coach, similar to a Bill Parcells or Nick Saban-type.

"Every athlete can't box for me. I'm not the most passive coach. I kind of tell you what bus to get on and how much to pay. If you don't want to ride that bus then you need to go find somebody else," said Greene.

Downing believes she and Greene are a great fit. As a boxer she's not only interested in the chemistry they have as far as personality but she also likes Greene's style.

"Coach Greene, the way he boxes, that's the way that I know I can box," said Downing.

Greene and Downing both admit that training for 2016 is the ultimate goal.

"An Olympian is the epitome of amateur sports and when you can represent your country there's only two people that do that, athletes and soliders," said Greene.

Downing is a native of Trenton, New Jersey. She's currently in the process of figuring out how she'll move her things down to Ozark.

Her goal is to move down here and find a job so she can begin working with Kevin Greene full-time in preparation for the 2016 Olympics.

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