The Athletic Training Center mentors young kids through sports

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Mark Hess, Henry Washington and Terry Boyd own The Athletic Training Center in Enterprise. For years, the three served our country in the military. Now, they're serving kids in the Wiregrass.

The trio has a passion for mentoring young people and they're doing so through sports. Through the game, they're teaching kids confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and teamwork. Their aim is to pull kids away from negative behavior and push them towards a successful future. They believe the best way to reach kids is through sports.

They welcome kids from all around the community to their program. And for those who can't necessarily afford the expenses of athletic training, ATC covers their cost. Proceeds from advertisments and donations from business' in the community cover the fees of kids who may not be able to pay for it out of pocket.

ATC is currently in the process of expanding. Right now, they are located at 1507 East Park Avenue Enterprise, AL, 33630 in the Fun Factory building.

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