Steve McLendon hosts "Fun in the Sun" in Ozark

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Steve McLendon hosted his second annual "Fun in the Sun" event today at D.A. Smith Middle School. The sun didnt come out to play, but desite the rain, the kids did.

They enjoyed inflatable slides and obstacle courses, food and fun provided free of charge by the NFL Nose Tackle. Several of his friends and family were there so enjoy the event.

Before McLendon joined the NFL, he played ball at Carroll High School and Troy University.

McLendon feels the day is important to him and the local kids.

"I think it's important for the simple fact that we don't have too much here but it's the opportunity to give back. It's an opportunity to show them what my life is like, to show them that I care", he said with a smile on his face. "It's an opportunity to show them that you can do the same thing from a small town, because i did it also."

McLendon recently signed a 3-year, 7.5 million dollar extension with the Steelers.