Scolari apologizes for Brazil's World Cup failure

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BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has apologized to fans for failing to lead the host to the World Cup final, saying the "catastrophic" defeat to Germany marks the "worst day" of his professional life.
Scolari took full responsibility for the team's humiliating 7-1 loss on Tuesday, and said he knows that it's very likely he will always be remembered for what happened at the Mineirao Stadium.
Scolari said that despite the disappointment, "life must go on" for everybody.
Scolari declined to discuss his future, and the president of the Brazilian football confederation has always said that Scolari would remain as head of the national team no matter what. However, the coach is unlikely to remain with Brazil after Saturday's third-place match in Brasilia.

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