Savoy Jones: Gone, but Not Forgotten

The unexpected death of an Emanuel Christian student earlier this year rocked his campus.

News 4's Victoria Rosa visited the school today and found that even though he is gone, he is still making an impact on his peers and community.

"I was shocked"

That’s the only words that Emma Talley could use to describe the loss of her friend.

"An hour before I had been telling my parents what a good Christian boy he was and then my friend Jonathan called me and said Savoy had died. I went to the hospital and it was just a shock, it didn't seem real,” said a fellow classmate.

Savoy Jones, 15, collapsed during basketball practice in February, and later died at an area hospital.

However, his memory lives on.

Emmanuel Christian, Northside Methodist, Providence Christian and Ridgecrest Christian Schools came together Thursday in honor of Jones for a combined chapel program.

Teachers and parents said that before everything happened Northside and Emmanuel had such a big rivalry that we couldn't even play together, but that they know God had a purpose even though it was a heartbreaking tragedy that Savoy died, it has bought everyone closer and helped our community.

"Anyone who met him in Dothan or the area was enlightened by him. You could see the light of Jesus thru him, he lived for Jesus everyday and he believed in nothing but love,” said one student.

"Savoy was one of the happiest people I have ever met, He was always smiling and he was really funny and he was just, he was a goober, He would talk to you like he was your best friend even if he barely knew you, He would just come up to you and hug you and he talked to me every day and he was a great basketball player, great baseball player and you could just see the joy of the Lord overflowing from him. He never had bad days and no one disliked Savoy, you couldn't not like him, he was amazing,” said another student.

Savoy was an inspiration to his community.

They're honoring him through one of the things they say was closest to his heart.
"His life spoke loud enough and God spoke loud enough thru his life that even through a tragedy like that it would unite people," said K-life director and close friend.

School officials say they hope to continue to grow the combined chapel each year.