Saban, Freeze downplay ex-Ole Miss staffer's role

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- Alabama coach Nick Saban says any concerns about the role of staffer Tyler Siskey during the Mississippi game is much ado about nothing.
Television cameras showed Siskey in the coaches box watching through binoculars. That prompted some Rebels fans to complain on message boards and social media that he was spying during Alabama's 25-0 victory on Saturday.
Siskey is the associate director for player personnel and worked under coach Hugh Freeze at Mississippi and Arkansas State.
Saban says Siskey "didn't talk to anybody during the game" and was watching from the same spot he always does.
The top-ranked Crimson Tide shut down 24th-ranked Ole Miss's normally high-powered offense.
Freeze seems to agree with Saban, saying the Tide "lined up and beat us and I'm ready to move on to Auburn."

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