Russia Rushing to Finish Preparations for Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics kick off on Friday, and workers in Russia are in a race against the clock to get things ready.

Sochi is scrambling to get everything in order for the Olympics, now just days away.

People from all over the world are beginning to arrive at the resort town on the shores of Russia's black sea, and many are finding their hotels aren't ready for business.

Several hundred rooms are not finished.

And visitors are faced with public toilets that don't have partitions yet.

Just a stone's throw from the Olympic Park, workers are still putting up highway signs telling drivers how to get there.

The International Olympic Committee says the problems are minor.

"Everybody was offered a room of at least the same quality whenever there was a problem," said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.

Hotel operators insist they'll be 100 percent ready for business.

"At the end of the day, we have reached our target to be ready for the Games," said hotel manager Oliver Kuhn.

Families of athletes begin arriving on Thursday.

Russia hopes to turn Sochi into a major year-round tourist attraction after the games are over.

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