Professional Boxing Coming to Dothan

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Dothan better be ready to rumble. In July the south is going to have a chance to step off the gridiron and into the ring.

On July 26th the "July Bama Brawl" is coming to the Dothan Civic Center.

The event is organized by former World Champion Nate Campbell.

Campbell wants to bring something new to the Dothan area.

"We're gonna see good fights. I'm gonna put on a good old fashioned fight. I'm talking the one where they say, 'I went to the boxing match on Saturday night, and a fight broke out' that's what we're going to have all night long." Campbell says.

Roy Jones Jr. was also in town at the mayor's VIP party.

"Boxing like I said, is one of the oldest sports and one of the most closely related to life sports. Boxing, if you get knocked down you have to get back up and keep fighting hard. They tell you that. Boxing actually literally goes that way. If at first you don't succeed you try and try again." Jones says.

The boxing event will feature fighters from all over the country, but will also highlight some local talent.

Campbell's punches aren't only in the ring, he likes to throw around a few punch lines.

He'll be headlining a comedy show the night before the fights at St. Andrews market.

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