Preparations Continue on Olympic Village

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Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at the Olympic Village in Sochi and declared the Winter Games ready to go.

Opening ceremonies are three days away and final preparations are being made.

Putin has staked his reputation on delivering a safe and successful Olympics.

But after an estimated $51 billion were spent on hosting the games, Sochi's seaside venue areas are scrambling to finish on time.

There's a much more laid back scene to the north, where tourists are taking in the sights and sounds.

Tamara Slipchenko is a Russian who lives in California. She says, "Everybody will be taken care of. This is the way we do business in Russia - it is at the last moment sometimes, but it will be done. I am confident of it."

While keeping the games safe remains a concern, Russia seems determined to celebrate the attention the Olympics are bringing to Sochi.

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