Pound IV Pound Boxing and Fitness is breeding Olympic boxers

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In a small town in Southern Alabama, Coach Kevin Greene is breeding Olympians. 28-year-old Jersey native, Sacred traveled more than 1,000 miles to Ozark. Sacred has one goal in mind, the 2016 Olympics.

For two months she has been pouring out blood, sweat, and tears with one of fifty certifies Olympic trainers in the country, at Pound IV Pound Boxing and Fitness.

Next week she and Coach Greene will fly to California to compete in The National Police Athletic League Tournament.

Sacred and Coach Greene’s chemistry will be the key to their success.

"I was doing a run and I was about to pass out, and he was like no you did good and he held me. I just really appreciate his love and the fact that he pushes me the way that he does, said Sacred.”

I think she relies a lot on her own common sense in the ring, so that makes a coaches job easier because I can just kind of wind her up a little bit. Tell her to go here go there and she will
just put it all together, said Greene."

It will be her first fight since the Olympic trials and her first fight under Coach Kevin Greene.

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