Post-Game Handshakes Banned at Kentucky High School Games

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A sports tradition is ending for athletes in one Kentucky high school district -- the post-game handshake.

It's a tradition that goes back decades in many sports.

But it's ending in Kentucky.

On Tuesday (10/8) the Kentucky High School Athletic Association said since too many incidents have occurred in the last three years, it no longer supports post-game interaction.

The varsity oach for Oldham County High School Boys Soccer -- Brian Durbin -- says he's never had a problem with violence after games in the 10 years he's been coaching.

Parents of his players agree with him and think sportsmanship is the most important thing Durbin can teach their kids.

Apparently the commissioner's directive isn't just aimed at the players--sometimes it's the adults who lack judgement.

Coach Durbin says on his field adults lead by example.

So, instead of saying "Good game" after the match, Durbin's players will now say "Good luck" before the game.

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