Pittsburgh Could Potentially Host 2024 Olympic Games?

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Just being asked means a lot.

"It's an exciting idea for Pittsburgh, the whole notion of hosting the Olympics would be a dream for us." Says Craig Davis of Visit Pittsburgh.

However, it is the next word he uttered that grinds the dream machine to a halt, and for reasons that seem obvious to many.

"Well, the infrastructure isn't here quite yet for that mass of people." Says John Unice of Mt. Lebanon.

Clearly, massive construction would be involved, as it was in Salt Lake City and Atlanta, for the 2024 Summer Games. The U.S. Olympic Committee says the host city needs 45 thousand committed hotel rooms.

Pittsburgh has 24-thousand total hotel rooms.

An Olympic village that can house 16-thousand-five-hundred athletes, workspace and accommodations for 15-thousand media, and a 2-hundred-thousand person work force.

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl said in a statement:
"We welcome opportunities to tell our comeback story to the world. And now, we may have the opportunity to bid for the 2024 Olympics. Certainly there would be extraordinary obstacles and challenges to meet in putting a bid together, and we will reach out to community members to gauge their interest."

Both Chicago and New York spent more than 10-million dollars making their bids, only to lose. So should Pittsburgh try?

Visit Pittsburgh is the cheerleader for the city, so I think you have to be realistic that the Olympics needs a large city that has the infrastructure in place, and I think Pittsburgh would have a challenge in meeting those restrictions.

But isn't overcoming challenges what the Olympics are all about?

"I think it sounds like a fabulous idea." Says Margaret Ann Townes of Oakland.

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