Paying to Park at High School Football Games in Dothan?

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Football is a popular sport in the Wiregrass and many local residents support their high school teams.

In Dothan, both high schools hope a parking fee at Rip Hewes stadium, will help student athletes.

Football is certainly one of Alabama’s favorite sports and paying for it in the Dothan city school system is expensive.

"It is very expensive, and like speaking of football, this year we have to travel twice to Baldwin county, to play a regional football game, we have to chart charter buses, feed the kids, not just that cheerleaders also, there's also band, so like it said it's a lot more involved than football," says Athletic Director, Kelvis White

So athletic directors and athletic booster club presidents from both Dothan high and Northview decided to get creative.

"Actually our athletic booster club, from Dothan high and Northview, in a ways to raise money and support our athletic programs," says Athletic Director, Kelvis White

It's a three dollar parking fee at Rip Hewes stadium that will help fund not just football but other athletic programs and miscellaneous expenses.

"It's not just about football, we're not raising money for football we raising money for all of athletes in Dothan city schools, so it's going to benefit tennis, golf, track, every sport,“ says Athletic Director, Kelvis White

Here's how the three dollars would break down.
Two dollars would go to the athletic booster clubs, and the other dollar would go to the city of Dothan.
Dothan high's athletic director says if the parking fee were to be approved, residents will realize this is an investment for the city.

"Every school that we play are benefiting from parking, and like I said it's just a thought or an idea of something we could try in Dothan Alabama, and you know the bottom line, it just goes back to our kids, and we have to invest in our kids if we want them to be successful," says Athletic Director, Kelvis White

Now this is only an idea the athletic booster club is exploring.
They will have to also present a proposal to Dothan commissioners for approval.

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