PGA Pro Harris English tells of times at Future Masters

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It may be ways away, but the golfers at the Future Masters could one day become the next big professionals.

Harris English won the 11-12 age division of the Future Masters in 2002 and the 13-14 age division in 2004. Just a few weeks ago, he won his first PGA Tour event in Memphis at the St. Jude Classic.

English spoke with local media in a phone interview on Monday. He says his days spent at the Future Master's prepped him for where he is today.

"I mean, it's just an awesome tournament to meet people and to play against some of the best players in the world. Playing in Future Masters gets you prepared for playing in bigger amateur tournaments and playing college golf. And college golf gets you prepared for professional golf. It's all a process and it's all little baby steps"

English gained confidence knowing he was playing amongst the cream of the crop, in one of the biggest tourneys in the country.

"I mean, the Future Masters was very competitive and really helped me see that I could compete against some of the best juniors in the world."

He's taken a walk in the same shoes as the current Future Masters competitors. So, who better than to give advice to the young golfers battling the course this week?

“Even if you shoot 85 or 90, you just try to take the best from that day and learn from it,” he said. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You’re going to have ups and downs, but you just have to keep working hard.”

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