Media Day Madness in Glendale

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If pictures really do steal your soul, then the Tigers and Ducks won't have much left before the weekend after Friday's media day. Auburn receiver Darvin Adams perhaps put it best.
"It's Wild, a whole bunch of Cameras"

Not really any other way to describe it, for the younger guys who are making their first trips to a scene like this, it's definitley new.

"it's crazy I've never really experienced anything like this, it's overwhelming actually." Said Watson Downs, sophomore from Houston Academy.

"Each week it's gradually picked up with the media from the Iron Bowl to the SEC Championship to today" Said Auburn Senior Kodi Burns "there's going to be media attention, you've just gotta be ready for it"

With all the cameras and flashing lights, Gene Chizik wants his guys to remain focused , and he's not worried.

"There's several guys i can pull up and be like, this is what we gotta get done with this guy, this other guy needs to focus and to a man it's like "I've got them coach." Said Chizik

Cam Newton sees the media blitz as just another chance to show how mentally tough this team is.

"Everybody can run fast everybody can throw the football far but everybody doesn't think the same and i think it's a players mentality that sets them apart from any other."