Gene Chizik releases statement denying allegations of reported NCAA violations in lengthy statement

Like he has been all season, Auburn coach Gene Chizik was stoic and all-business Friday during warmups at the Georgia Dome for the SEC title game.
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AUBURN, Alabama -- Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik issued a lengthy statement denying his involvement and any knowledge of the violations alleged by former safety Mike McNeil in a report posted by Wednesday.


"During my tenure at Auburn, the NCAA conducted a multi-year investigation into the Auburn football program that they called “fair and thorough.” The NCAA focused intently on widespread accusations about Auburn players being paid and other alleged recruiting violations. The NCAA conducted 80 interviews. In October 2011, the NCAA rejected “rampant public speculation online and in the media.” Unfortunately, the recent story published by Selena Roberts is more of the same. It once again portrays Auburn University, current and former coaches, professors, fans, supporters and community officials in a false light.

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