Future Masters: The Prestige of the Blue Jacket

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Dothan, AL-What may seem like a simple blazer to most, means everything to those who play the game.

According to Calum Masters, "It definitely symbolizes a champion and someone who can step up to the plate when it comes to a big tournament."

Its color, a symbol of exclusivity and accomplishment. Each stitch, as precise and perfect as the game played by the one who wears it.

When Dothan local Chase Feagin thinks of the Blue Jacket, he thinks prestige.

"When I think of the Blue Jacket, the first thing I think about is the Masters. The key word there is the Masters. Whenever you hear that you think of somebody great who has put in their best and has succeeded over everyone else."

Here at the Future Masters, the best junior golfers from around the world gather with one goal. All eyes are on the green, but the focus is on the blue.

"I mean this whole month, I've probably thought non stop. I know that sounds silly but I mean I just kinda replay that over in my head of that jacket slipping on and what shot I'm hitting on the 18th to do it," says Feagin.

Hunter Dunagan has also envisioned himself donning the blue.

"I mean I've thought about it but my biggest concern is they're gonna need a smaller jacket."

Just like at the Masters, the champion from the 15-18 age group earns the right to wear the jacket.

"It takes a lot more than people realize. It takes a lot of grinding. If you aren't hitting it well you still have to grind mentally and physically," Masters says.

According to Feagin, "There would be nothing more for me than to put on that blue jacket. That would be kinda the symbol of all of the hard work paying off."

It may be a different color, but it holds the same meaning.

"For junior golf this is definitely the Masters. Just definitely the most important," says Feagin.

"I think at this age it means just as much as the masters does. no matter what color the jacket is," claims Masters.

Practice rounds are now complete. The road to the jacket, soon to be traveled. One with a destination where only the most elite are welcome.

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