ESPN Ranks SEC Top 10 Running Backs

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Top 10 SEC Running Backs According to ESPN:

1) Todd Gurley (Georgia)
2) T.J. Yeldon (Alabama)
3) Keith Marshall (Georgia)
4) LaDarius Perkins (Mississippi State)
5) Tre Mason (Auburn)
6) Brandon Williams (Texas A&M)
7) Matt Jones (Florida)
8) Mike Davis (South Carolina)
9) Henry Josey (Missouri)
10) Jeff Scott (Ole Miss)

By: Mark Heim

The best running back in the SEC, according to, resides in Athens.

But the state of Alabama is well represented.

Alabama running back T.J. Yeldon ranks second on the top-10 list of best SEC running backs heading into the upcoming season.

Auburn running back Tre Mason ranks fifth on the list.

ESPN on Yeldon:

•"In just about any other conference, Yeldon would be No. 1. He has a straight-up-and-down running style and is as dangerous in the open field as he is gaining yards after contact. He also catches the ball well out of the backfield and is primed for a huge season in 2013."

ESPN on Mason:

•"Not a lot went right for Auburn last season, but Mason was one of the few bright spots with 1,002 rushing yards, much of that on sheer determination. Pushing 200 pounds, Mason has incredible acceleration and probably won't be asked to do as much this season with more depth in the Tigers' backfield."
No. 1 on the list is Georgia's Todd Gurley.

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