Details continue to surface regarding Johnny Manziel's suspension and reinstatement to the Texas A&M football team just prior to his Heisman Trophy-winning season.

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Texas A&M suspended Manziel for the 2012 season after his arrest last summer for misdemeanors for fighting, failure to identify and possession of fake IDs around 2 a.m. on June 29, 2012.
Eyewitnesses said one of Manziel's friends said something to a black man that was taken as a racial slur. Manziel tried to make peace. The offended party pushed Manziel, he pushed back and a fight broke out.

Texas Monthly has released an interview with Manziel and his mother, Michelle, on the suspension, the appeal and how the quarterback's suspension was relegated to probation.
Johnny Manziel told Texas Monthly he found out about the suspension in the middle of two-a-days in August of 2012.

"When you get in trouble, a school disciplinary board reprimands you," Manziel said. "They pretty much prosecuted me off the story in the Bryan newspaper. They banned me from athletics and from my scholarships. I had worked hard, and done everything coach (Kevin) Sumlin asked me to do, and then they told me I couldn't play anymore."

"We were shocked," Manziel's mother, Michelle, told Texas Monthly. "If they're going to do that," Michelle said, "we're fixing to have to transfer him to a junior college to get him to play."

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