Dale County Names Big X Basketball Teams

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OZARK, AL -- The top high school basketball players in Dale County assembled at the Perry Recreation Center in Ozark on Wednesday night. For the second year in a row, the County announced it's Big X Basketball Team, which features the top girls and boys players from five county schools.

Daleville's Robert McGirt and Troy Turman were named Big X Boys Player and Coach of the Year. Kadaleus Gissendanner and Len Stanford from Carroll were honored as the top girls player and coach in Dale County.

The complete Big X Basketball Team is listed below:


Robert McGirt - Daleville
CoCo Hayes - Daleville
Adrin Wilson - Carroll
Jason Siples - Carroll
Trey McMillian - Dale County
Jeffrey Whatley - Dale County
Seth Senn - Ariton
Khalil Thigpen - Ariton
Chase Payne - G.W. Long
Kennon Casey - G.W. Long


Kadaleus Gissendanner - Carroll
Brittany Moore - Carroll
Regan Castle - Dale County
Mia Creech - Dale County
Tia Fils-Aime' - Daleville
Chyana Blanks - Daleville
Emily Snyder - Ariton
Nicole McInerney - Ariton
Megan Walker - G.W. Long
Caitlin Watson - G.W. Long

Boys Player of the Year - Robert McGirt - Daleville
Boys Coach of the Year - Troy Turman - Daleville
Girls Player of the Year - Kadaleus Gissendanner - Carroll
Girls Coach of the Year - Len Stanford - Carroll

*winners selected in voting by coaches from five county schools; Dale County, Daleville, Carroll, Ariton, G.W. Long

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