Chizik: Labeling Fairley dirty is 'absurd'

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) - Auburn coach Gene Chizik calls talk
that his star defensive tackle Nick Fairley is a dirty player

Fairley has bodyslammed quarterbacks and knocked three out of
games with hard hits. The talk escalated following a late hit on
Georgia's Aaron Murray.

Asked Friday if he tries to hurt quarterbacks, Fairley
responded, "Of course not."

Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas says the Ducks have "seen a
lot of dirty plays, throwing people around after plays."

Chizik stuck up for the Lombardi Award winner. He says if an
offense can't block a guy his size, "sometimes he's going to be
very aggressive and people are going to get hurt."

Officials in Monday night's BCS national championship game might
be keeping a close eye on Fairley.

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