Braves waste no time, Gonzalez takes over for Cox

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ATLANTA (AP) - Less than 48 hours after Bobby Cox wrapped up his
managing career, the Atlanta Braves introduced former Florida
manager Fredi Gonzalez as his replacement.

The announcement Wednesday was widely expected since Gonzalez
was fired in June by the Marlins. Cox had said more than a year ago
this would be his final season. His two-decades-long tenure ended
with a loss to San Francisco in the NL division series Monday

Cox held a farewell news conference at Turner Field. As soon as
he was done, the Braves introduced Gonzalez as their new manager,
with Cox at his side.

Gonzalez served as the Braves' third-base coach from 2003-06. He
then took over as Marlins manager, a post he held for 3½ years.

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