BMX bikers hit the dirt at Circle City BMX

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DOTHAN, AL-- Bike riding is typically associated with a leisurely trip around the park. But when these guys think riding....there's nothing clean or casual about it.

Since 1984, Bikers have flocked to Circle City BMX to get down and dirty on the state's fastest track. It's a place for riders to let loose and catch some air. Even 9-year-old Chelsie Roettgen enjoys it.

"I like doing it. You just race the whole track and it's fun."

13-year-old rider Jordan Beck thinks BMX biking tops all other sports out there.

"It kinda passes all the other sports up. It kinda puts more work into it.. you know, not everyones good at football. But you don't really sit the bench in BMX. I think it's just better than every other sport."

BMX biker Chris Wilsdorf, who's been coming to Circle City BMX since he was a kid, believes racing instills positive life skills.

"For kids coming out here and racing and setting goals and achieving them is an awesome opportunity"

But like any other sport, BMX isn't just fun and games. This weekend, Circle CIty hosted racers from all over Alabama for the state qualifer competition. Jordan and other local riders were excited to race on their home course.

"It makes me feel more confident and faster. Stronger pretty much. I know all the places to get faster."

Participants range from 4 years old to 55 years old. From best friends to even dads and daughters. One's like Travis Roettgen and his little girl Chelsie. Chelsie enjoys racing on the track with her family.

"Everytime he races I just say, "Go Daddy, go Daddy!". And everytime me and my brother race he says, "Go Reed, go Chelsea".

With helments on, the gate down, and wheels's a race to the finish. May the best man...or

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