Auburn Seniors Celebrate BCS Trip

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Phoenix, AZ-The 2010 football season obviously a great time to be An Auburn Tiger, but for some of the veterans on this team it

wasn't always this sweet.

"We've been through a lot since we've been here, "Said Senior receiver Kodi Burns "just being able to persevere through it all and stick together

and to play for the national championship game now the wait was a good payoff"

"It's really unreal how much we've been through Center Ryan Pugh told me Friday a lot of people

can say "You haven't been through a lot a coaching change is common in college football" but it's the way it went about and how it got changed so fast"

Head Coach Gene Chizik counts on this well traveled crew to provide perspective to the younger players on the team

"I think you always have those guys on your team, and without going into any details of who they are i can start

with my seniors who have been around, seen a lot done a lot. They have done a great job this year with our football team"

You can even catch a glimpse of the groups strength in the teams resilience this season, demonstrating fight in several key games in this perfect 13-0 run.

"The Bama game we came back from a 24 point deficit Said senior Tackle Lee Ziemba "Georgia game similar to that bits and pieces of every game have

helped to shape this team and it's been a long road"